The Third Kind of Friend on Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day

You know, there are two kinds of friends. One that’ll say that Friendship Day is a marketing gimmick; and another that’ll be flooded with BFF messages and friendship bands.

Guess what, there’s a third kind! The sort of friend that can win you something, the sort that can make paying for everything ridiculously easy, and the sort that gives you back whenever you spend!

This Friendship Day (Sunday, August 2nd), let Momoe be that third kind of friend. You should focus on what’s most important! A day out with your best buds, with tons of BFFs all around!

Here’s what is happening around you this weekend:

Momoe Bands!

Momoe Bands!

Momoe BFF Bands!
This Friendship Day snag some uber-cool Momoe BFF Bands at over 50 partner restaurants and stores across the city! Flaunt these stylish bands with witty messages and share them with your friends!

#MomoeBFF Selfie Contest!

#MomoeBFF Selfie Contest!

BFF Selfie Contest!
Take a crazy selfie with your BFF and post it on Twitter with tag @MomoeApp, or on our Facebook Contest page ( Share it with friends and win exciting prizes!

Be a good friend and spread the #Momoeverse! Send your referral code to all your friends and get an additional Rs. 100 Momoe credits for each Momoe-sapien that you bring!

Psst, don’t forget to buy those cheesy greeting cards!


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