Money -The Anthem of success
It is defined as the medium of exchange in the form of coins and notes. How did this come into existence ? How did Earth look before this? What was man’s perception on being wealthy?Let’s face it one may hate Math,but one does not hate counting money…

Let’s go back in time and examine the evolution of commerce. It all started with a need. The Kill Bill era for survival- involving hunting,agriculture and domestication of animals to feed his circle.Then his needs increased.The circle started exchanging the surplus goods and the barter system came into existence.¬†The your thang, for my thang! However, this created a lot of problems and what’s funny is man thought money could be the only solution .

Money did get the best of man
The introduction of money and specialization of labour made people settle down at fixed places, which later grew into commercial centres.With progress in science and technology,money and man found no limits to grow and so has it’s value.
Man’s needs have now become versatile.
At the end of the day one needs to pay his bills ,irrespective of the versatality. And honestly speaking if you’ve got 99 problems, money could solve at least 73.Thanks to phenomenal concepts like E- commerce, cloud computing ,virtualization most payments can go cashless. Now I’m able to solve 90 of them. The rest I’m still figuring out.
In conclusion,whether your thinking luxurious or not,paying bills has become just a click away through mobile devices. Making it a boon,ensuring security and saving time.Because Time=Money &Money= Time.
You can go cashless using the Momoe app at all the Momoe enabled outlets in the city.Life made easy and enhancing the value of money.
After all money is a form of energy.Let it flow… which ever medium it may choose.


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