10 things that every shopper experiences when they’re out on a spree

t’s raining discounts and you need to get that shopping bag out because hey ‘Retail therapy is the best therapy ever!’

1. You haven’t even entered the store and you’re already preparing a mental list of the things that you need to shop

2. When you realize bringing your mum to shop along was a bad idea, coz she has something to say about everything you pick!

3. When your better half is your pillar of support while you shop!

4. That feeling when the crowd starts getting bigger/crazier and you still need to maintain your calm.

  1. When you have made the best bargain deal like a boss!


6. When people at the store compliment your sense of fashion amidst all the chaos.


7. You have finally found exactly what you have been looking for!


8. When you waiting for change at the store be like..


9. So all your folks are really happy about their shopping experience


10. Let’s head on to experience something similar. This Dusshera flock with your friends and family to the biggest haul ever: ‘Sunday Soul Sante’! For hassle free shopping book your tickets through MOMOE now: http://delivr.com/2qs8k

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