9 Facts Why Desi Arts & Handicrafts Are Freaking Incredible!

All of us boast about India’s rich cultural heritage. We get onto social media arguing on the same and proving our point in front of the Firangs. But do we really care about our arts & handicrafts, the invaluable things that actually showcase it? Do we really value the painstaking efforts and the contributions of our artists? Well, it’s hard to say. But after reading these facts, you will know exactly why we should.

1. Madhubani artists created colourful masterpieces on tree trunks in 2012, to prevent deforestation,
The result: Not even a single painted tree was cut and highway number 52 of the Madhubani district became a well known tourist attraction.


2. Did you know that contrary to popular belief, Tanjore or Thanjavur paintings don’t just have Hindu Gods as subjects?

Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity and other religions have also been depicted in Tanjore paintings.


3. In today’s age of large-scale textiles, there are still artists who do Kalamkari; an ancient fabric painting art, which is completely organic from brushes to, paints to the cloth!


4. The exotic marble stone-craft of Agra has been passed on over six generations.


5. Currently seen on mugs, lanterns, walls, paintings and bed-sheets, the gorgeous Warli art date way back to almost 2500 BC.


6. The British Museum has around 1000 South Indian paintings, which date back to the 17th century.


7. A piece of Meenakari jewellery still goes through the same assembly line of craftsmen as it used to go through about 500 years ago.


Now that’s mind blowing right! Well, you could witness something similar. An array of beautiful art, soulful music and lip smacking food at Soul Sante this weekend!

So chuck the malls and visit Soul Sante this weekend at the ITPL ground Whitefield. See you there! 😉




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