Celebrate a little bit of Goa in Bengaluru with Maria’s Goan Kitchen

Goa with Momoe

That Goa Feeling…

“Dil Chahta Hai” laid the foundation of summer holidays in Goa for my generation. We were watching Saif Ali khan hit it off with a foreigner and his friends having the time of their life in Goa, and all of us wanted to do it 🙂

I have been to Goa thrice and it has been amazing – the hangover of Goa literally aches for months! And if you (unfortunately) moved from Goa to Bangalore irrespective of the reasons, then you must be really missing Goa a lot. Bengaluru has its own flavours but nothing can compare to a lobster on the beach or a fish curry with rice.

“I miss the prawns the most!”, says my friend who was alongside me last year on our escapade. We recollect good food, cheap liquor and amazing scooty rides on Baga beach.

“Those memories were amazing and if only we could catch a little bit of it here…”, we surmised, both at once.

I recently got introduced to a place called Maria’s Goan Kitchen through the Momoe app while I was crossing Ejipura road. I called them up and the owner Valy picked up, and he told me about the little space they operate in.

Maria's Goan kitchen momoe

Maria’s Goan Kitchen momoe

I wanted to surprise my friend, so I ordered the Fish curry alongside rice and a starter for myself and my friend. They delivered to Indranagar and since I am always out of cash, I paid the bill through Momoe. We relished the food, the portions were excellent and the food felt fresh and made with exquisite skill. It was a great surprise for him, we loved the food and after we finished, I got a call from the owner Valy asking us how the food was and I told him ” My stomach loves you!”

Since then I have been celebrating Thai and Goan food ordering from all across Bangalore, when you have the advantage to order food from anywhere in Bangalore you feel blessed to have made discoveries through the Momoe app.

If you are feeling a little adventurous and want to experience taste buds very different from your usual meal, I suggest you try Maria’s Goan Kitchen. They deliver food to anywhere in Bangalore, the delivery is free and if you order above 500 which I always do you get something free, thanks to the kind owner.

I hope this article finds all the curious folks who are in search of a new menu, a new experience, a new taste. My friends, I speak for all of us, give it a try and you will realise you have been missing out on something awesome.

Just save 88922-83138 as “stomach love” on your phone and you shall thank me.

Until our next adventure, Adios.

May the food be with you ~ Hungry Yoda.

Purnabramha : Marathi food served with love

Have you ever felt touched after visiting a restaurant, food that not only fills your stomach but also fills your heart with goodness? The good around you will always be celebrated, appreciated and more importantly, remembered.

Purnabramha is a one of a kind dining place in the heart of HSR Layout, Bangalore. The authentic Marathi food is not the only thing that will keep you coming back, but it is the importance given to detailing. The whole experience takes you back to childhood days in a Maharashtrian town, with traditional seating on the floor and water served in a “tambya”. The owner Jayanti is a lady with a fire in her heart.

Purnabramha HSR layout momoe

Jayanti, Purnabramha owner with the children’s art gallery

My first conversation with her at the HSR Layout outlet was “Why should anyone come to Purnabramha?”

Jayanti, who knows exactly what she wants from her staff, ambience and food, answered in simple words:

Because we are a caring restaurant. We care about children and women – especially women who are expecting. Most importantly, we care about the experience of each individual.

There are chairs in the restaurant especially for pregnant ladies. Every child is given a blank canvas to draw his mind. It is such a beautiful way of providing attention to children and blossoming creativity.

I was not only touched by her passion, but also the fact that she has rapidly grown Purnabramha to 4 outlets – 3 in Bangalore and 1 in the USA. This only shows her spirit is ambitious and growing each day.

Then I tried the food… And let me tell you – I have never tasted such authentic Marathi food before. For a man who has been missing home food for a while, Purnabramha felt like the sweet memory of the food I was rewarded with when I came home on weekends from my hostel.

We at Momoe celebrate the spirit of Purnabramha and will help them achieve their dream of celebrating and sharing culture through food at their restaurants.

Jayanti’s dream of making the biggest art gallery created by children in Bangalore will one day be achieved, and we shall help in any way we can – that’s a promise from the entire Momoe team.

If you want a good dining experience with your family, where your children and your stomach will be taken care of well, then you need to look no further than this amazing experience – Purnabramha.

Now you can pay with Momoe at all Purnabramha outlets in Bangalore and redeem offers – just ask the waiter about Momoe (http://social.momoe.in).

Sunday Soul Sante goes Cashless

soul sante logomomoe logo

A venue to stroll around in summer wears, shopping from culturally diverse exhibits, the Soul Sante has been the highlight among major events in the city this month. The Soul Sante is an exclusive platform to shop from a collection of western, ethnic and vivid fusion of both, to clutch the fashion tit bits over time. The Sante has been renowned for being the ideal affair to embolden the eccentric ethos and the offbeat nature of its residents.

The environment flourishes with varied stalls showcasing ethnically western jewellery and clothing along with the vivid variety of food experiences. The shopping refreshments can be owed to various budding entrepreneurs, few of which being stalls set by Madhurima, Moya, Aloka and many others who have courageously united the traditional plot of taste with the contemporary emergence in the field of clothing while the same has been done by innovators who are putting up stalls tagged under the titles ‘Pigtails and Ponys’ and ‘flames of the forest’ and many more of the kind.

ss5 ss6

Excepting the usuals as found in regular Santes, the Soul Sante extinguishes itself by encouraging showcases of unlikely fields such as the ones lead by ‘Coral Charm’, a stall of decorative lighting along with students who have brazenly established grounds in the field of designing bands calling themselves, the ‘Millionaires’.

To refresh the experience beneath the gallant heat, there is a diversified food menu sponsored by famous foodies like ‘Waffle stories’, ‘Mr. Meow’ and ‘Too Busy Cooks’.

Furthermore, to entertain the shoppers whilst the process, there are reputed Bands showcasing their musical talents while renowned Fashionistas gracefully amble through the ramps with a sensational code of rhythm pacing through them.

To, therefore, augment the experience, Soul Sante has collaborated with Momoe Technologies as their payment partner to avail the customers with a better, easier and faster option to pay. Download the app to pay instantly or split your bills with your fellows. Get amazing offers on the app too.

With all these offers and availabilities reconsidered, Soul Sante has promised to enhance the standards of flea marketing to make the Sunday a worthy weekend.

ss2 ss1

Mission Cashless

Me : Bhaiya kitna hua ?

Bhaiya : 2 lemon, 4 chai, 3 pakode – 88 ho gaya.

Me : Yaar cash nikalna padega ATM se, kisi pe cash hai ?

Dost 1 : 1000 hai.

Dost 2 : 30 change hai, aur 500 ka hai.

Me : Bhaiya kal dedu?

Bhaiya : Haan.

That’s me on a typical evening at a shop with friends. I love how much money is circulating in India on trust. The shopwallahs are angels who lend you money each day because you don’t have enough cash.

Sadly, I never have enough cash. Now, whenever I get a chance, I pay with my card. But even that happiness is taken away from me when someone doesn’t have a card machine or the machine is not working.

I never feel great asking for bhaiyas to have a Khata (account) running in my name. I am scared of debt like any other Indian boy. I would rather pay it off then and there instead of keeping a money clock over my head.

How can I change the world I live in?

How can I enable real world merchant transactions in restaurants, grocery stores, super stores and at bhaiya shops?

Mission Cashless

Mission Cashless momoe

Mission Cashless – Momoe

No one will give you informative exploding sunglasses Tom, listen to this.

Why don’t we drive solutions from customer end for payments? In the end, I am the one who is paying the money and honestly, my paying experience is pathetic – thanks to my ‘no cash’ habit. With the ATM transactions becoming a rare gem to preserve till the end of each month, my problems just keep on getting added and multiplied.

Mission Cashless enables users to ask for Momoe at partnered stores and demand Momoe to partner with their daily expenditure outlets.

We have a solution that can change the way you do your transactions, help a customer’s experience. But, our boat can only ride so many people right now.

How can we be the ship in this ocean?

Let’s not be satisfied by cash, machines. Let’s be enablers.

Request for your enabler certificate from us, help us change the world. 1 restaurant, 1 vendor, 1 bhaiya at a time.

How do you become an enabler? Write to us (care@momoe.in) or call us on 080-61344827.

Time to choose sides. Cash or Momoe?

Which one are you?

Meet Mr Photographer – Winner of Free Beer for a Year, Angad Achappa


From left to right : Talent, Cardboard, Genius.

As i stand between a genius and a talent, only I have the time to write this which makes me a man of utter importance irrespective of what both of these gentlemen might say.

When I first heard Angad Achappa had won the Free Beer for a year contest, I couldn’t have imagined the same Angad who runs the www.facebook.com/AngadAchappaPhotography page.

With over 27k likes and several thousand followers, I imagined Angad to be a completely different person than who he really turned out to be. Angad is a professional photographer and explorer who likes photographing wildlife and showing it to the people around who hardly get a chance to see these wonderful living creatures with whom they share the planet.

snake 110012763_10152280651152485_1010525663_o

Some of his shots

These are few glimpses of his latest work and I can tell you his ambitions strive him to capture much much more on reel.

I asked Angad why he choose to take part in the Momoe free beer for an year contest. He replied that he had used the app before, he is usually on the lookout for cool stuff and found it really hassle free to just pay and leave.

“The first time I used it, it was so hassle free I wasn’t sure if it was done. It was like I had solved a question without even trying, so easy “.

Q. So Angad why wildlife photography ?

A. From childhood I had a keen interest in wildlife and nature, and I realised that there was so little people around me knew about the fascinating flora and fauna around, and an easy way of educating them was to actually show it to them through photography as a medium. I was lucky to have a few like minded friends with whom I traveled and learnt photography from. Wildlife photography is fairly  expensive, and my parents, while initially unsure about what I was doing, took a keen interest in it as well and have been very supportive towards it.

Q. Does it scare you to go in the unknown ?

A. While it isn’t really scary, there have been a few nerve-racking encounters in the wild like coming face to face with a leopard on foot, and being blocked by elephants guarding their calf on a road at night, but at the end of it all, there is something very calming about being in the wild!

Q. How does it feel like to win a contest at Momoe?

A. I like what you do, I have read about you guys on Yourstory and ET, read about your huge funding and I was always anxious to meet the folks here at Momoe, winning somehow happened and I got 52 weeks worth of free beer, it feels great.

Q. Why photography?

A. I love how a picture can mean so much and so different to so many people, capturing what I love and showing them to the world is exciting and I believe in it. Through the wildlife photography that I do, I often try to tell a story with the photograph that gets the audience thinking and surely somewhere down the line it creates a little bit of awareness and helps conservation a little.

Q. If you could take out someone out for 52 weeks for a beer each week who would that person be?

A. You have put me in a tough spot here mate, I would like it to be my girlfriend, but since she doesn’t drink, I wouldn’t mind the company of Jacqueline Fernandez (chuckles).

On a personal note, Angad is exciting and always smiling, he’s the guy you’d love to have a chat with, adventurous and a story teller. It was a pleasure interviewing him for this blog.

We @ Momoe congratulate him on winning this contest and hope the very best for this bright talent. May you click many more amazing pictures and keep making the world awestruck. All the best dude.

The winning quote? – Ask the tiger, he also knows.


– The Momoe Team

Grab A Drink And Spread Some Cheer At Prost Brewpub This New Year!

Still wondering how to make a good start to this New Year?

Then stop wondering and head straight to Prost Brewpub, Koramangala, because this is where it all begins. Make a scintillating start to 2015 with some fresh beer, multi course buffet, appealing special platters and unlimited IMFL.

So come along with your friends and belt some food and beer along with the exciting music played all throughout by DJ SIDHU.

VENUE: Prost Brewpub

DATE: 31st December 2014

TIME: 7pm onwards


Couple entry = Rs 4799/-

Stag Entry = Rs 2799/-

And don’t forget to use MOMOE to make your transactions and be a part of the change, a change in the way we make our payments.

Spread some cheer, share some beer!

The New Year stands in front of us, like a chapter in a book waiting to be written. But before we start writing this new chapter, let’s finish 2014 in a good note. Think about all those people who played a crucial role in your life this year. Someone who was there with you through thick and thin. Someone who is upset with you now. Those best buddies who shared with you all your joys and sorrows. And your loved ones whom you couldn’t treat well. So, before we end this beautiful year lets meet up with all these people and treat them with what they deserve.

Friends bring happiness into your life but best friends bring beer and Momoe helps you to do exactly this in style.

Momoe has been live at few of the top restaurants in Bangalore for more than 4 months now. With 25+ tie ups, over 3 thousand downloads and total transaction worth over 1 million, ours is a growing network of customers and restaurants. This wouldn’t have been possible without the trust and support of all our users. We sincerely thank all of you for trusting us and giving us an opportunity to make your life easier through our app.

As the holiday season has arrived we have come up with a wonderful offer through which you can cheer your friend with a FREE BEER this New Year. For all our first time users, we offer a free beer if your order is more than Rs. 500.

The offer is valid at the following restaurants:
Prost Brewpub (Koramangala)
Brewsky (JP Nagar)
Over the Top (Koramangala)
Enigma (Koramangala)
Mezzeh (Indiranagar)
Opus (Palace Road)

Also, if you use the split bill feature of our app to split the bill among your friends then all those who individually pay more than Rs 500 from their card gets a beer free. And in case you don’t drink, you can always pay your share of the bill and gift a free beer to your friend!

So start this New Year regrouping with all your old friends, sharing memories of the year that just flew by and preparing for the exciting year that lies ahead along with a free beer to share. Hit one of the Momoe enabled restaurants with your friends and have a blast with the offers we provide because ‘achche din’ have truly arrived now!