A candid hangout in Hangout cafe, Koramangala

You know what’s great about working in a startup ?

Changing lives everyday.

But and there is always a but. But it comes with a lot of work and a lot of stress.

Every time I have a lot of work on my plate(everyday) and I need to get a lot sorted in my mind, I take the road that ends at Hangout cafe, sit outside, enjoy the weather and work.

A lot of times you see people inside appreciating the app that you are a part of (Momoe yay) and it feels like a little bit of heaven. Honestly it feels a lot like heaven, if I could explain the feeling to you it would be like eating a white chocolate ganache sandwiched between flowerless chocolate cake or as they call it in Hangout cafe Molten multi layer.

Payments with Momoe for Molten multi layer

Molten multi layer

It’s one of the many things I come here for. The ambience is amazing, very soothing and I often speak to the chef there whose a great pal. He gives me great feedback always and I am obliged that I get to meet passionate people thanks to my job.

It’s like Jinu wakes up everyday with a mission to make a bright day out of someone’s gloomy day. The food he serves is served with love and a lot of thought behind it.

One day I asked him why does he keep changing his menu often even though his outlet never sees any lazy evening.

” Jinu, you change your food menu like Britney changes her husband even though I see majority people loving and appreciating the food.Why do you do it ? ”

To this my man Jinu says :

” I don’t tweak dishes, add or substract food menu without taking diligent feedback from my customers. I believe the only way this cafe can be the best cafe in bangalore if I serve people exactly what there taste buds crave and for that to happen I need them to really surrender to food when they come here. All of them. ”

Lovely guy, full of energy complete opposite to the calm and serene ambience his cafe portrays.I appreciate that he has balanced his passion well with his patience.

You sit here for an hour and you feel like you have been healed. The music is melodic, the walls are white, the lights are amazing and the food is délicieux.

It’s not a miss or not sort of a judgement to come to Hangout, I never come here with any motive and I find my most productive and chilled out hours here.

The place has a positive vibe and you just hangout with the folks you are with.Simple.

I see hangout as a very promising place since any place/person ready to change or ready to make more room for happiness will always end up being happy, so I have learned.

So visit this happy place, hangout with your friends and remember to pay with Momoe.

Here’s a candid picture we shared when I was last there #justgoingwiththeflow

Momoe payments at Hangout Cafe

Candid in Hangout cafe

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